• Do hack missions to upgrade your hardware and software
  • Procedural generated missions: you'll hardly play the exact same mission twice
  • In browser game, no plugins, no extensions, playable from anywhere
  • Hack your friends, or join in 1337 groups
  • Special quest missions, ultra hiper special rewards for the first (and only the first) hacker that can solve them


  • Do I need to know about computers and/or be an actual hacker?
    No, it's all fiction, even though many of the missions and principles are based in real life hacking
  • Will it work on my operating system?
    The game is a browser game, so it will work on any operating system that has a decent browser that supports HTML5 (that includes Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE9)
  • Where can I play?
    The public beta round is finished. Follow us on twitter and get notified when the new round opens!