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h4ck1t is a multiplayer online game where players take the role of computer hackers in an uchronic hyperconnected (and a little retro) world.

Hack corporations, governments and, of course, other players to gain the maximum reward possible: to be called l33t from other hackers.

A public beta opened in December 2016, the first server filled up in less than a day, so we had to open up a new one!

The beta ran for almost two months and we gathered a lot of feedback, most of it good, some of the other kind.

We are now working on the next release of h4ck1t. In the meantime, feel free to suscribe to our mailing list (a.k.a. bulletin), follow us on twitter, check out the game FAQ and features and get in touch!

Player feedback on the first public beta

“ Thanks for this great experience. It was a wonderful month-long game, and I'm sure it'll be a success once you officially launch it. ”
“ This was very fun ”
“ Sweet game! ”
“ Cool idea. I like the first few minutes of play. I like the retro/wargames/hacker look :) ”
“ Congratz!! Awesome game! =) ”
“ Very cool game, it's really fun. ”
“ this is awesome, really like the ui ”